This App Lets You Run the NYC Marathon in Virtual Reality

If you weren't among the 50,000 people who ran the New York City Marathon last weekend, it's not too late to experience what it's like to participate in the iconic race (minus all the sweat and aching muscles).

During Sunday's event, Sports Illustrated teamed up with veteran runner Alex Christison to film a 360 virtual reality video of his journey across the five boroughs—from the Verrazano Bridge in Staten Island, through Brooklyn and Queens, up 1st Avenue in Manhattan to the Bronx, and back down to the finish line in Central Park. The clip captures the inspiring energy along the 26.2-mile course lined with millions of cheering spectators.

The trailer below offers a sneak peek. But for the full, immersive experience, download the free mobile app Life VR (launched by Time Inc., Health's parent company) and watch the video on your smartphone. As you move your device around, you'll get a 360-degree view from Christison's perspective as he makes his way through the streets of New York.

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Life VR is available for both iOS and Android.


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