These 3 Hair Color Trends Are About to Be Huge for Brunettes

Trying to mix up your hair color can get, well, hairy. With so many new ideas trending, it’s difficult to find the best new ‘do for you. Three ideas we (and Pinterest) love right now for brunettes: rose brown, blackberry, and mushroom hair. These floral and food-inspired highlights are the perfect way to start the season with an updated look.

Rose brown

If you want to try adding a touch of pink to your locks, this subtle rosy-brown may be your best bet. Whether you want a more bold rose highlight or hints of warmth, here are some examples to inspire you. There are glimmers of rosy tones in this style from Gabrielle Harned.

This rose gold balayage from Mark South added gorgeous dimension to this brunette’s hair. 

These brighter pink highlights by Allie Villa took this bronde base to the next level.


Blackberries are in season! Darker brown hair goes so well with deep reddish-purple, as shown by these stylists. It’s most closely related to the popular mulled wine hair trend. Skyler London’s version of this look, below, is red wine hair #goals.

This dark brown-to-blackberry transformation by Kat Simoes is a fun and fresh take on the trending color.

Alisha McAlister combined violet, mahogany, and red to create this inspo-worthy look.


Not to be confused with a mushroom cut, ask your stylist to go for an earthy shade of brown. See how gorgeous the ashy color looks on these happy clients.

"Shroomed my girl today," Michelle Hernandez wrote in an Instagram post.

Michelle Smith Lucero created this smoky style.

Jenni Rose’s take on mushroom hair featured a dark base and lighter, cooler tones on the ends.

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