13 Products Mandy Moore Uses in Her Daily No-Fuss Beauty Routine

It takes three-and-a-half hours and 10 prosthetic pieces for Mandy Moore to transform into her 66-year-old grandma Rebecca Pearson character on This Is Us. And after she’s done filming, it takes Moore a little over an hour to get everything off. “It’s a process!” the actress, 33, told NewBeauty her cover story for the magazine’s Spring 2018 issue. […]

This Fitness Blogger Just Proved How Easy It Is to Edit Your Butt in Bikini Photos

Sia Cooper is on a roll when it comes to demystifying social media images. On Tuesday, the diaryofafitmommy.com fitness blogger shared a before-and-after photo of herself at the beach. She presented two variations: real and edited. In the edited version, Cooper’s cellulite is gone, her waist and thighs are smaller, and her butt is more bootylicious. RELATED: These 13 Women […]

Shop Sarah Jessica Parker’s Favorite Eye Liner: ‘I Always Have It’

From her perfectly highlighted hair down to her SJP shoes, Sarah Jessica Parker has been a constant source of fashion and beauty inspiration. And lucky for us the Divorce actress and shoe designer, revealed some of her secrets on Wednesday night’s after show for Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. And the truth is, […]

These 13 Women Prove Every Body Is a Bikini Body

If your feeds are anything like ours, now that spring is officially here, they're filled with strong, body-positive women coming out in full force to change the way people view beauty at the beach. These ladies know it’s an uphill battle, but they are fighting for much-needed acceptance–and. we. are. here. for. it! From bloggers to entrepreneurs to curvy […]

10 Foods to Eat for Healthier Hair—Plus 4 Treatments to Try Now

It’s easy to run to the nearest beauty salon when your locks look dull or feel lifeless – but there are actually some natural solutions you can work into your routine from your very own kitchen. Overall hair health, including strength and appearance, has been linked to the foods you’re eating. The basis of healthy […]

7 Women Who Are Embracing Their Facial Hair to Prove a Point About Beauty Standards

Female beauty standards have evolved a lot recently. But one stigma continues to endure: facial hair. While it's totally normal to have a little or even a lot of fuzz on your chin, upper lip, or between your brows, most women still opt to hide or get rid of it by shaving, waxing, plucking, or bleaching. Yet increasing numbers of […]

Iskra Lawrence Shares Unedited Photos of Her Cellulite and Back Rolls to Send a Message About Confidence

Iskra Lawrence is showing off her “tiger stripes” to help people feel more comfortable and confident on social media. She took the snaps “in Vegas flexin on the gram with my lil back rolls and thick thighs and cel-u-lit.” RELATED: 4 Times Instagram Stars Proved Cellulite Is Totally Normal Her motto? No airbrushing, no problem. “I do […]