This New Brow Try-On Tool Is a Gamechanger If You’re Trying to Find Your Perfect Shape

[brightcove:5357888232001 default] If we've learned anything from beauty trends over the past few years, it's that brows have the power to transform a face. While there are plenty of products out there to help you get the brows of your dreams, it's difficult to know which style will look best on you. Ever leave the waxing […]

This Bride Used Her Engagement Photos as a Way to Share Her Struggle With Alopecia

[brightcove:5641991915001 default] From the high school student whose artist mother painted her bald head for her senior photos to the bride who chose not to wear a wig on her wedding day, more and more women with alopecia are using social media to celebrate and embrace their beauty. The latest is Makenzee Meaux, a bride-to-be who turned her engagement […]

This Surprising Pantry Staple Can Fix a Broken Nail

[brightcove:4885713503001 default] Maybe your New Year's Eve manicure is still looking top notch. Or maybe you've already managed to break a nail a day or two after your trending barely there mani. Either way, before you reach for the glue bottle or beeline to your nail salon, here's a simple way to repair the damage: […]

This Vitamin C Mask Looks and Feels Like Rubber—But the Results Are Amazing

[brightcove:4886971784001 default] Ever since I started taking my skincare routine more seriously, I’ve been on a vitamin C kick that I just can’t shake. Its many skincare benefits, from fighting signs of aging to brightening to erasing the look of dark spots, have me totally hooked. But I’ve found that most vitamin C-packed products are serums, and a girl only needs […]

Former Ulta Beauty Employee Accuses Store of Reselling Used Makeup; Company Is Investigating Claims

[brightcove:5449649797001 default] Ulta Beauty has been accused by a former employee of reselling used makeup that was returned by customers, and the brand’s fans are expressing their outrage on social media while the brand investigates the claims. The former employee, who goes by Fatinamxo on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, posted a lengthy Twitter thread recounting […]

This Is How One Reddit User Overcame Her Makeup Addiction

[brightcove:5663272354001 default] Anyone who has ever shopped at Sephora, Ulta, or another beauty mecca knows how tempting it can be to load up on things you don't really need. And all those products that line the checkout aisle—who can resist those minis? We're not saying you need to completely change the way you shop, but […]

Younique’s Mascara Isn’t the Only Product Worth Buying From Your Facebook Friends

[brightcove:5449485897001 default] Younique’s startlingly impressive fiber mascara proved your Facebook friend Kelsey (who also happens to be a Younique Presenter) wasn’t being hyperbolic for no reason. The tube can grow the shortest set of lashes within seconds, but it’s also not the only Younique makeup product that’s worth freaking out over. Let’s share the hype, […]

This Is the Only Pencil I Trust for Full, Natural-Looking Brows

[brightcove:4885662898001 default] When full, fierce eyebrows became all the rage a few years ago, I admit to being guilty of drawing on some pretty dark, boxy brows. "Natural" was last word you would have used to describe my look—I was trying to channel Cara Delevingne, but the result was more permanent marker than supermodel. It didn’t […]

7 Ways to Keep Your Face From Looking Puffy

[brightcove:5583366382001 default] If you're anything like us, the holidays likely involved lots of late nights and delicious wine, multiple servings of mac and cheese, and more missed gym sessions than we'd like to admit. But as we aim to get back on track in January, many of us here at Health have noticed that our faces seem […]

This Hand Cream Is the Answer to Chapped Winter Skin

[brightcove:5121517793001 default] As soon as the temperature drops, it seems like I'm immediately met with all the negative side effects that remind me why I dread winter. Flaky skin and scalp, chapped lips, and dry, cracking hands. Anyone else? Between texting on my phone, typing at my computer all day, and washing hands constantly to prevent illness, […]