The Under-$10 Mascara That Shay Mitchell Is Obsessed With

Known for her role on the TV show Pretty Little Liars, Shay Mitchell has become a household name, and it's easy to see why. With almost 20 million followers on Instagram, the Canadian-born actress keeps fans up to date on everything from her glamorous travels to her killer style. We caught up with Mitchell recently and asked […]

These Are the Beauty Products January Jones Uses Every Single Day

If you're one of actress January Jones' nearly 600,000 Instagram followers, you know that she's quite candid. So when the Last Man on Earth actress posted two images of her favorite skin and haircare products with the hashtags #notanad and #theseareproductsiuseeveryday, we were excited to be getting her honest product recommendations. Jones explains that these products are her go-tos for summer: "It’s summer!! Here are my […]

Busy Philipps Just Revealed Exactly What She Keeps in Her ‘Face Mask Drawer’

If, like me, you are a dedicated viewer of Busy Philipps' Instagram Stories, you've probably spotted the actress and current Health cover star share sheet mask selfies with her followers. But Philipps doesn't always reveal the brand of the mask she's wearing, so I was pretty excited when Philipps—who is taking over Health's Instagram account today—posted a video to our feed showcasing her impressive personal face […]

5 Easy Ways to Get a Flawless Faux Tan, According to Experts

Slough smarter: Applying self-tanner to rough skin will lead to a patchy, uneven glow. "So, before slathering on your color, use a scrub to smooth your body. Avoid formulas that are oil-based, since they can leave a residue that interferes with the self-tan development," advises Sophie Evans, celebrity spray-tan expert. Shaving beforehand is also a good […]

6 Women Share Why They Don’t Let Cellulite Keep Them From Wearing a Bikini

Now that bikini season is upon us, you're probably seeing lots of bare stomachs, hips, and thighs at the pool or beach. But thanks to body positive movement, you're also probably seeing more cellulite. Once considered a body flaw, cellulite has been embraced by an increasing number of women—who refuse to be shamed into covering up simply because […]

Smile! Wrinkles Around Our Eyes Make Us Appear More Sincere

Put down that concealer: Science has given us a new reason to appreciate fine lines and wrinkles. According to a small new study from Western University in Ontario, crinkling around the eyes makes smiles and frowns appear more sincere. The characteristic may even help us better connect with each other emotionally, researchers say. The new study, published […]