The 6 Best Vitamins and Serums for Hair, Brow, and Nail Growth

Want stronger hair, nails, and brows? Here's your guide to the best vitamins, serums, shampoos, and other treatments that live up to their claims and can actually make a noticeable difference. Vitamins for hair growth As we age, hair becomes finer and duller, thanks to hormonal changes and styling damage. The good news: There are ways […]

Kate Middleton Is Bringing Back the Hair Net (And Sales Are Spiking)

[brightcove:5663272354001 default] This old-fashioned hair accessory is the secret to her perfectly coiffed style. When you think about hair nets, chances are your thoughts turn to the food industry, rather than British royalty. But with the recent buzz that this unassuming drugstore buy is the secret to Kate Middleton’s always-flawless hair, the humble hair net […]

The 11 Best Hairstyles for Medium-Length Hair

Long hair is often portrayed as romantic, dreamy, and feminine. Short hair can be fun, edgy, and unique. But if you think there’s anything boring about middle length hair, think again—it’s actually the most versatile length of all. Short enough to play up texture but long enough to weave a braid or two, there are […]

Here’s Why You Have Dark Under Eye Circles—and How You Can Fix Them

You know what I'm talking about—those shady hollows under your eyes that are a dead giveaway for how many hours of sleep you got (or more likely, didn't get). Thing is, lack of sleep is only one possible cause for dark under eye circles which might also be accompanied by puffiness or redness. And just as there […]

The One Thing You Should Use Before Mascara for Even Longer Lashes

Even on my most low-key, no-makeup makeup days, I rarely leave the house without swiping on mascara. Whether it’s the only thing making me look alive—it can work wonders!—or the finishing touch to a fully glam look, I always want my eyelashes to bring their A-game. Sadly, my lashes aren’t naturally long and luscious, so […]

These Are the Fragrances Queen Elizabeth, Princess Diana, and Kate Middleton Wore on Their Weddings

Smell is the one sense closely linked to memory. Think about how a whiff of apple pie or the familiar scent of Mama’s perfume triggers childhood memories. So it’s no wonder many brides take the time to invest in the perfect fragrance to commemorate their special day—a tiny dab here and a little mist there […]

Ayesha Curry Tells Us How She and Stephen Are Celebrating Valentine’s Day: “The Way to Woo Somebody Is to Cook for Them”

We recently had the chance to chat with CoverGirl's latest spokesperson Ayesha Curry in honor of the brand's new Peacock Flare Mascara ($7; Her take on the new product? "It's a mousse-y formula, so it allows you to swipe on a bunch of coats without flaking," she tells us. But we talked about more than just […]

These Are the Most Popular Mascaras on Birchbox

Not all mascara is created equal. But with so many out there, it’s hard to know which ones really work and which aren't worth the hype. One secret to figuring out which formulas get the job done? Reading customer reviews and bestseller lists. On sites like Birchbox, for example, customers can sign up to receive monthly boxes full of […]