The Internet Is Living for This French Figure Skating Pair’s Heavy Metal Performance

[brightcove:5720340376001 default] Olympic pairs skating just got so hardcore and the internet is here for it. France’s Vanessa James and Morgan Cipres performed to the metal band Disturbed’s take on Simon and Garfunkel’s classic “Sound of Silence” at the free skating event and it elicited some truly excellent internet reactions. The pair, who won the […]

Watch: 17-Year-Old American Vincent Zhou Lands First Quad Lutz in Olympic History

What an Olympics it’s been for 17-year-old American athletes.  Snowboarders Chloe Kim and Red Gerard took home gold in their events earlier this week. Now, teen figure skater Vincent Zhou has made Olympic history by landing a quadruple Lutz.  Zhou is the first skater to ever land the jump at the Olympics.  No skater has […]

Mirai Nagasu Set the Record Straight About the Alleged “USA Tattoo” on Her Thigh

[brightcove:5720340376001 default] You would think that when Mirai Nagasu became the first American female figure skater to land the triple axel at the 2018 Olympic Games, that’s ALL anyone would talk about. Turns out that you can accomplish a feat of strength at the Olympics and people will still be like, “That’s great, but is […]

4 Oblique Exercises to Target Your Love Handles

This article originally appeared on Check out the rest of the exercises trainers never do at Daily Burn. When it comes to getting rid of love handles, you’ll want to skip the waist training trend. More often than not, whittling your middle comes down to better nutrition paired with ab exercises that target the obliques. CeCe Marizu, […]

This Olympic Ice Dancer Powered Through a Wardrobe Malfunction Like a Total Pro

[brightcove:5720340376001 default] Let Olympic ice dancer Yura Min show you how to recover expertly from a wardrobe malfunction. As Min hit the ice with her partner Alexander Gamelin on Sunday, her costume became unhooked just seconds into their routine. “I was like, ‘Oh no!’” she told The Detroit Free Press. “If that comes undone, the […]

The Sweet Reason the Finnish Snowboarding Coach Was Knitting Mid-Olympics

Everyone copes with stress differently—some people hit the gym to blow off steam, others express themselves creatively. If you’re Finnish snowboarding coach Antti Koskinen, you knit mid-Olympics. Koskinen has become Internet famous after photos surfaced on social media of the coach knitting at the top of the slopes during pivotal snowboarding events at the 2018 Winter […]

Hot Mama! Blake Lively Lost the 61 Lbs. She Gained During Pregnancy: ‘Feeling Very Proud’

[brightcove:5132267785001 default] Blake Lively’s stats: mom of two, owner of six-pack abs. The actress, 30, showed off her newly-ripped body after 14 months of hard work with her trainer, Don Saladino, to lose the weight she gained during her last pregnancy. “Turns out you can’t lose the 61 lbs. you gained during pregnancy by just […]