I Tried a Naked Yoga Class—and Actually Loved How It Made Me Feel

I’ve done a lot of strange things in the name of journalistic intrigue—run-commute for two weeks, become a morning person, brush my teeth with charcoal, put my Tinder profile in the hands of a sexologist. So when I recently announced to a table of 12 over sushi that I'd be taking a coed naked yoga class, the […]

The Goblet Squat Is the Move You Need to Tone Your Core and Lift Your Butt

Breakfast for dinner. Outdoor showers. When the gauc *doesn’t* cost extra. These are some of life's underrated pleasures. Another to add to the list? Goblet squats. Goblet squats are air squats that are performed with the addition of a dumbbell, kettlebell, medicine ball, or really anything else that’s heavy and compact, like a boulder, Keurig, […]

5 Chest Exercises You Need to Try If You’re Sick of Push-Ups

There are many benefits to having a strong chest, ranging from the totally practical—increased shoulder stability, improved posture, and boosted calorie burn from the extra muscle mass, for example—to the completely aesthetic. “By working your pecs, the muscles under your boobs, you can actually make your breasts appear perkier,” says certified personal trainer Kristina Alai, […]

The 9 Best Ab Exercises, According to Women Who Love Their Strong Cores

Sure, “a sculpted stomach” or “six-pack abs” are common goals. But the fact is, a strong core—the muscles that make up everything from the tops of the shoulders to the bottom of the pelvis—is much more important than simply having visible definition. (In fact, it’s entirely possible to have a very strong core, without those […]