The Workout Clothes Everyone Wanted in 2017, According to Google

[brightcove:5462852405001 default] Champion hoodies, Nike shorts, and adidas sweatpants were among the most-coveted activewear of the past year, according to Google. The search engine released its annual Year in Search report today, revealing the most-searched terms in different categories, from wellness to recipes to makeup trends. One category that piqued our interest: workout clothes. We may have been all about metallics and […]

Here’s the Surprising Reason Lindsey Vonn Spreads Cheese on Her Injuries

[brightcove:4933130858001 default] There is something special about Lindsey Vonn. No matter how many times she gets knocked done, she gets right back up, including after her latest fall at Lake Louise in Canada during the Audi FIS Ski World Cup. “I’ve definitely had my fair share of setbacks; that’s just a part of ski racing,” […]

Kate Hudson Hits the Reformer, Sofia Vergara Nails a Plank, and More Star Fitness Snaps You Missed Last Week

[brightcove:5342266505001 default] If you're like us and spent most of the weekend cozied up inside, you may need just a little extra #MondayMotivation to get back into workout-crushing mode this week. Thankfully, these five A-listers were busy documenting their fitness efforts over the past few days, and all the inspo you need is right here. Check out their impressive snaps. Then pick […]

6 Exercises That’ll Seriously Improve Your Posture

[brightcove:5361870003001 default] This article originally appeared on One thing most gym-goers probably don’t focus on enough: body alignment outside the studio walls. While you may work on cardio and strength, paying attention to your everyday posture is also crucial. “If you have pain or movement issues, checking posture can give you insight into what needs to be […]

Women Are Naturally Fitter Than Men, Study Says

[brightcove:5413493151001 default] This article originally appeared on Conventional wisdom holds that men have the natural advantage when it comes to physical ability. But in one key measure of fitness, women actually come out on top, finds a small new study published in the journal Applied Physiology, Nutrition and Metabolism. Researchers from the University of […]

Pollution Could Cancel Out the Health Benefits of Walking, a New Study Says

[brightcove:5402485219001 default] This article originally appeared on Simple though it may be, walking is one of the best things you can do for your body. Research has shown that it can extend your life and improve your heart health, along with a host of other health metrics. A new study published in the Lancet, […]

9 Simple Exercises You Can Do During Your Next TV Binge

[brightcove:5653891172001 default] Cooler temps got you hanging indoors, and binge-watching your favorite shows? That’s cool, but whenever you settle in for a marathon, you may want to consider doing a little physical activity in front of the tube. Here's why: New research presented at a meeting of the American Heart Association suggests that the more time you spend watching TV, […]