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In 1902, Helena Rubinstein revolutionized the world of cosmetics. Fascinated by the beauty and the power it gives to women, she approached the greatest scientists of her time to better understand and treat the skin. Starting from nothing, Helena Rubinstein created everything and built an empire: she invented the first moisturising cream called Valaze (1900), the first beauty institute (1902), the first beauty treatment involving electricity (1907), the first categorization of types of skin (1910), the first hormone mask (1934), the first waterproof mascara (1939), the first preventive anti-ageing product (1956), the first automatic mascara (1958), the first pure Vitamin C based treatment (1995), the first lifting cream (1996), and many others innovations…

True to this heritage, the brand continues to expand into new territories, drawing on the most advanced research areas: the promise-case of LASH QUEEN FELINE BLACKS mascara, the Re-PLASTY skincare range inspired by aesthetic medicine, the exceptional concentration of plant native cells in POWERCELL, the edelweiss and its ability to reverse the effects of time on the skin in PRODIGY REVERSIS…

Helena Rubinstein brand puts the Avant-Garde at the heart of its approach and builds partnerships with the most renowned scientists in their respective fields. Among them are Doctor Michel Pfulg – an internationally renowned cosmetic surgeon and director of Laclinic-Montreux -, and Doctor Jean-Marc Lemaître – INSERM research director -.

Helena Rubinstein is ultra-premium and mainly focused on anti-ageing. The brand is working towards the objective of combining effectiveness and sensory qualities in exceptional skincare and make-up products, crafted as works of art. Its textures are addictive, its formulas are innovative, and the results are immediate and long-lasting. So that women can take control of their lives.

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