Drew Barrymore Has a Secret for Whitening Tea-Stained Teeth 

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Red wine, coffee, and iced tea. Some of the best things in life… stain your teeth? It’s a problem any latte or Earl Grey lover has to deal with on a regular basis, but Drew Barrymore might have uncovered a secret to whitening your teeth quickly and at a very low cost.

Always there for us when we’re in a product pinch, the actress and beauty entrepreneur took to Instagram to share that she finally found an answer for whitening her sensitive teeth on the go. She is, after all, a purveyor of commuter beauty.

So when the tea takes a toll, she reaches for Colgate Optic White Whitening Pen ($13; target.com).


"I drink ice tea all day long," she wrote in her caption. "It's my life. But, there is a reason the call it 'tea stained' because it does. Then my teeth are super sensitive, so most brighteners and bleaches are out of the question! Not to mention, who has time to go sit in chairs and have your teeth whitened? So I found this because my friend swore by it, and I'm telling you! I love it. It really works and I feel so much better about my teeth. Especially when you wear certain lipstick colors (reds etc) that can really bring out the truth of your teeth. So, grab this and do it at home. Worked for me!"

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It comes in a package with the Colgate Optic White Toothbrush, and fits inside the base of the brush for easy transportation. After you brush, you apply the gel to your teeth and that's it, no rinsing required. The brand even claims you'll see results in about two days.

You can double up the effect with this lip gloss, which actually makes your teeth look whiter.

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