This Woman Lost 120 Pounds On the Keto Diet Without Setting Foot In a Gym

When I was in second grade, my parents got divorced and my brother and I ended up living with my dad. Unfortunately, while our health was always a priority for my dad, we didn't always have the means to eat the most nutritious, home-cooked foods. (We often lived in small places, sometimes without a kitchen.) […]

The Workout That Helped This Mom and Daughter Lose a Combined 184 Pounds

Get ready to do some jazz hands for this mother-daughter duo. Jaime Allison, 40, and her daughter Calista Jean Jones, 18, have lost a combined total of 184 pounds—and they credit their weight loss to their favorite workout: Jazzercise. RELATED: How to Be More Confident in the Weight Room, Dance Class, and More Their Jazzercise journey […]

Carb Back-Loading Might Be the Next Big Weight Loss Trend—But Should You Try It?

There have been a number of carb trends lately, from diets that cut way back on them (such as paleo, pegan, and keto) to carb cycling (a strategy that alternates lower-carb and higher-carb days). Now there’s carb back-loading, which—in a nutshell—entails eating most of your carbs at night. The theory behind carb back-loading is based on the relationship between […]

This Personality Quiz Will Tell You the Best Food and Fitness Plan for You

In this excerpt from her new book, The Right Fit Formula ($25,, certified personal trainer Christine Lusita explains how to choose a weight-loss strategy that will work for you. If you’ve ever taken a personality test, chances are it was the one developed by psychologists William Moulton Marston and Walter Clarke. Their DiSC program is the gold […]

Queer Eye’s Jonathan Van Ness Once Gained 70 Lbs. in 3 Months: ‘I Just Could Not Stop Eating’

Queer Eye‘s Jonathan Van Ness is celebrating his weight loss journey. The grooming guru from the hit Netflix show shared before and after photos on Instagram on Tuesday — one of him at his heaviest weight, and another of himself now. “After my step dad passed away I gained 70 lbs. in three months,” Van […]

Watch This Man’s Weight Loss Journey from 202 Lbs. to 160 Lbs. in Hyperlapse

Fed up with his growing weight, an Oklahoma man decided to commit to a diet plan for 12 weeks — and stayed on track by filming one video a day. Hunter Hobbs graduated from college two years ago, and discovered that the long hours at his desk job — plus daily lunches out — had […]

This Woman Shared the Most Relatable Before-and-After Post About Being Stuck at a Weight Loss Plateau

We're always scrolling through before-and-after weight loss transformations, amazed at how much fitter a person can become if they make living healthier part of their lifestyle. But one woman’s candid Instagram post about her journey was especially relatable. Rather than celebrating her effort to get in shape, Dallas-based graphic designer Sierra Miller sounded off about hitting a stubborn […]

A Surprisingly Easy Trick to Control Overeating 

Though it might be tempting to delay doing the dishes, new research may have you scrubbing sooner rather than later. According to a study conducted at the Cornell Food and Brand Lab, spending time in a cluttered and chaotic kitchen may cause us to double the amount of calories we consume. The results are published […]

This Woman’s Before-and-After Bikini Photos Show How She Lost Half Her Body Weight

Bikini season is fast approaching, and we are loving one before-and-after photo with an important message about adopting a healthy lifestyle. Last month, Carli Jay shared two different photos of herself at the beach. The photo on the right shows Jay after she lost half of her body weight. She started at 280 pounds in February […]

This Mom Jiggled Her Excess Skin to Prove a Point About Embracing Her Post-Baby Body

Caleh Cristler, a California-based influencer, has built up a big following by posting photos of her post-baby belly and being refreshingly candid about how her body has changed since having three kids. RELATED: These Real Women Showed Their Excess Skin to Make an Important Point About Weight Loss But her recent Instagram video of the loose skin on her stomach […]