Spirulina is the Latest High Protein Superfood—Here’s Why It’s So Good for You

If you pay any attention to the wellness world, you may have noticed that spirulina has become a staple for healthy eaters lately. While the bright blue ingredient may look bizarre, spirulina comes with tons of health benefits. Just ask Carolyn Brown, RD, a nutritionist at Foodtrainers in New York City. “The bacteria is basically pond scum, but […]

The Three Most Dramatic Changes to My Body From Whole30

My Whole30 results were life-changing. Not until I turned 27 did I realize the gut-wrenching truth of what my mom had been squawking about for years. “Your body changes every seven years,” she frequently reminded me for what seemed like my entire childhood. “You’re not going to be able to eat that kind of stuff […]

This Super-Popular Protein Bar Is Included in Today’s Amazon Prime Day Sale

Here's some exciting news for anyone who basically lives on RX Bars (which includes us, by the way): A few select flavors of the popular protein bars are on sale for Prime Day today. Not familiar with RX Bars? The bestselling brand has developed a cult following, thanks in part to their super-short ingredient lists. […]

I Ate Like Supermodel Kate Upton for Three Days—and It Wasn’t That Hard

What It Is: Kate Upton x Urban Remedy Meal Plan Who Tried It: Grace Gavilanes, PEOPLE.com associate editor Level of Difficulty: 4/10 When I think Kate Upton, three things come to mind: Her laugh-out-loud role in The Other Woman, her picture-perfect relationship with husband Justin Verlander and her totally enviable physique (and body-positive attitude to […]

The 4 Healthiest Menu Items at Panera Bread (Plus 3 Things to Avoid)

Fast casual dining is taking over, and it makes a lot of sense: When you don’t have time to go to a sit-down restaurant but want to avoid fast food, restaurants like Panera Bread are the perfect solution. But the perception that the cuisine at fast casual establishments is healthier than fast food may or may not […]

6 Mocktail Recipes That Make Happy Hour Way Healthier

Like cannabis edibles and dairy-free ice cream, mocktails are having a moment this summer. And I’m not talking about boring old club soda with a wedge of lime, but high-end, booze-free cocktails that look and taste like sophisticated culinary works of art. According to a recent report, mocktails are among the leading non-alcoholic beverage trends on […]

Drinking Coffee May Help You Live Longer, Study Says

A new study provides more good news for coffee lovers. Drinking coffee is associated with a lower risk of early death — virtually regardless of how much you drink and whether or not it’s caffeinated, concludes a paper published Monday in JAMA Internal Medicine. “We observed an inverse association for coffee drinking with mortality, including […]

The 6 Healthiest Sugar Substitutes, According to Food Bloggers

  Most of us are in a serious relationship with sugar, and just like any romance, it has its issues. From spiking blood glucose levels to contributing to insulin resistance, refined sugar can seriously mess with your health. But you're probably not going to give up treats forever. Because, happiness. So we turned to our favorite food […]