If You’re Going to Make One Diet Change in 2018, Make It This One

[brightcove:5528009511001 default] Committing to a complete diet overhaul in the new year can be overwhelming, exhausting, time consuming, and frankly unsustainable. So my advice to anyone who wants to make a food-related resolution? Zero in on one dietary change that’s likely to stick. And in my opinion, the resolution that offers the biggest bang for your buck is simple: […]

5 Easy Ways to Kickstart Your Clean-Eating Goals Before January 1st

[brightcove:5528009511001 default] Many people refer to the days between Christmas and New Year’s as a "twilight week." The bulk of the holiday season is behind us, but the fresh start of the new year still lies ahead. It's tempting to consider this cozy in-between time as your last hurrah before January 1st. But indulging freely in wine and snacking on […]

Do You Really Need to Buy Personalized Vitamins?

[brightcove:5648860857001 default] A bunch of companies are popping up that let you curate your own personalized vitamin regimen (Care/of and Vitamin Packs, for example). Do I think they’re necessary? Probably not, if you already eat a balanced diet with a variety of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, and legumes. You absorb vitamins better through food […]

How a Wild New Year’s Eve Affects Your Body, Plus How to Bounce Back Afterward 

[brightcove:5191656555001 default] Most people think that if you overate and over-drank on New Year’s Eve, you did the night right. And to some extent, that’s fair. NYE is all about celebrating, and you’re entitled to enjoy yourself. But what kind of damage are you doing when you order that late-night takeout or polish off your […]

Rice Calories Can Be Cut in Half With This Trick

[brightcove:5556684195001 default] This article originally appeared on Time.com. A cup of white rice has about 200 calories—not insignificant, considering it’s most often used as a small part of a larger dish. But there’s an easy, natural way to make rice less caloric: add a little fat, then let it cool. According to research presented at […]

Eating Cheese Every Day May Actually Be Good for You

[brightcove:5468268555001 default] This article originally appeared on Time.com Cheese is typically considered more of an indulgence than a health food, but a new review of research suggests that it may not be as bad for you as once thought. In fact, people in the analysis who ate a little bit of cheese every day were […]

The Hangover Cures Health Editors, Experts, and Influencers Actually Use

[brightcove:5476832773001 default] So last night a glass of wine turned into, well, a lot more than that—and now your stomach is churning and your head feels like it's splitting into a million tiny little pieces (oy). Before you swear off alcohol forever, check out these go-to hangover cures from health experts, influencers, and a few of our editors. These […]

President Trump Reportedly Drinks 12 Diet Cokes a Day. Here’s What That Does to Your Body

[brightcove:4874680279001 default] This article originally appeared on Time.com. A recent New York Times feature about a day in the life of President Donald Trump revealed that the commander in chief guzzles 12 Diet Cokes every day. Few health experts recommend drinking any diet soda—so how bad is a dozen-a-day habit? While it’s likely better than […]