How Bachelorette Couple Shawn Booth and Kaitlyn Bristowe Are Working Together to Get Him Ironman Ready

[brightcove:5457971451001 default] This article originally appeared on  Shawn Booth was the last man standing on season 19 of The Bachelorette, and now, he’s vying for the finish line in a much different race. The personal trainer is amping up for his first-ever Ironman this July in Lake Placid, New York, and says his intense […]

When Is it Okay to Work Out After You’ve Been Sick? Celebrity Trainer Gunnar Peterson Weighs In

[brightcove:5460186467001 default] This article originally appeared on  You can finally breathe through your nose again and stopped hacking up a lung every ten minutes, but is it safe to get back into your workout routine? Celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson is here to help you build back up to your pre-cold strength. Peterson advises consulting […]

Shape Up for Summer With Tracy Anderson’s Beach Body Boot Camp

If you’re just getting around to tightening up for shorts and swimsuit season, don’t worry—it’s not too late. I’ve got a few dynamic moves that target all your muscles, forcing you to put your full physical and mental energy into each movement. The result: You up that calorie burn while toning all over. My goal for you is to maintain a so-called summer body year-round, staying within a healthy and sustainable seven-pound weight zone. This […]

Why Planks and Push-Ups Are Killing Your Wrists (and What to Do About It)

[brightcove:5392761768001 default] Have you ever had to come out of a high plank not because your core was on fire—but because your wrists were? Certain strength moves put a lot of pressure on your forearms. There's good news for the sore-wristed though: Simple adjustments and smarter stretching can help you avoid that annoying ache. "Wrist pain and […]

The Best Sneakers for Every Workout, According to Our Fitness Editor

[brightcove:5462852405001 default] If anyone knows sneakers, it’s Health’s senior fitness editor Rozalynn Frazier. Whether she’s researching products for our monthly gear awards or reviewing Nike’s new running shoe, Roz's job requires her to constantly test the latest sneakers (lucky!). She has so many sneakers and workout clothes, in fact, that she’s had to devote an entire closet to her fitness […]

This Hotel Now Has Rooms With Mini Personal Gyms Inside

It’s not always possible to keep up with your workout routine while traveling. So one hotel chain is making it easier to cycle, do yoga, or sweat along to a cardio routine video without ever leaving your room. Last month, Hilton Hotels debuted their Five Feet to Fitness in-room mini gyms, which offer 11 different fitness equipment options just steps away from […]

Why Weight Training Is Ridiculously Good For You

[brightcove:5435468106001 default] This article originally appeared on  For many, weight training calls to mind bodybuilders pumping iron in pursuit of beefy biceps and bulging pecs. But experts say it’s well past time to discard those antiquated notions of what resistance training can do for your physique and health. Modern exercise science shows that working […]