6 Plyometrics Exercises for a Better Workout in Less Time

Plyometrics — or high-intensity exercises that stretch and then quickly shorten your muscles (think jump squats or plyo push-ups) — are already known for their quick calorie-blasting, body-toning results. “The technique was originally designed to develop explosive speed and power in Olympic athletes, but the benefits extend out to the average Joe and Jane in both body and mind,” says […]

Music Makes Hard Workouts Feel Easier, Study Confirms

If you feel like music gives your workout an extra boost, you’re not alone. Now, researchers at Texas Tech University say they’ve figured out just how much upbeat tunes can increase our tolerance for intense exercise: In a new study, participants who listened to music during a cardiac stress test were able to sweat it […]

The Reason You Feel Stiff When You Wake Up—and How to Avoid It

[brightcove:5593439388001 default] It happens to the best of us. You go to bed feeling great, and then somewhere in the land of nod, something wonky happens. Maybe you slept on one too many pillows. Or you managed to contort your limbs under the covers. Either way, when you open your eyes, ready to start the day, you notice some stiffness here, and […]

This Common Mistake Can Ruin Your Barre and Pilates Workouts

If you’ve ever taken a barre or Pilates class, you know how tough the toning workouts can be. They're famous for micro-movements that target many of the smaller muscles we don't often use in our everyday lives. The payoff includes a lifted butt, lean legs, and strong arms—that is, if you’re doing the exercises correctly. “I’ve met students […]

10-Minute Cardio Workout You Can Do at Home

[brightcove:5686475163001 default] This article originally appeared on DailyBurn.com So you want to get your sweat on, but getting to the gym seems as difficult as climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. Our answer: Make moves right where you are! You can snag a serious cardio workout right at home — sans machines, weights or even a lot of space. Thanks […]

I Tried the Intense New SoulCycle Class That Has Everyone Freaking Out

I'll admit it, I'm addicted to SoulCycle—and I know I'm not the only one. Ever since the boutique cycling studio first opened its doors in 2006, the momentum hasn't stopped. Not only does it seem like every other person you meet clips in and taps it back on the reg, but SoulCycle has expanded to […]

Get to Know the Figure Skating Sport That’s So Wild, It Isn’t Even in the Olympics Yet

[brightcove:5720340376001 default] Figure skating is one of those sports that gets a strange rep for being both enduringly individual and fiercely competitive. If you watched movies like I, Tonya or even Ice Princess, you probably think that ice skaters are inherently adversarial both on and off the ice—and at the Olympic Games, rivalries are what […]

Why This Celebrity Trainer Recommends Sleep Over Working Out

This just in: Sleep is not for the weak. According to Reese Witherspoon’s fitness trainer Ashley Borden, making sure you get those extra Zzs is crucial to tackling your workout. “I always tell my clients that I would rather them get sleep instead of working out on four hours of sleep,” Borden told mindbodygreen.com. “Studies […]