Is the Apple Watch Series 3 Worth Buying? Our Fitness Editor Weighs In

[brightcove:5557865222001 default] Nothing gets folks more excited than a new gadget, and today the world is all abuzz with news of Apple’s latest release: the Apple Watch Series 3 has officially arrived. Available in two sizes, 38mm and 42mm, and gold aluminum (in addition to classic silver, space gray aluminum, stainless steel, or space black […]

Flipping Fantastic! Britney Spears Shows Off Her Gymnastics Skills in a New Workout Video

[brightcove:5456565844001 default]   This article originally appeared on Will Britney Spears make the 2028 U.S. Olympic gymnastics team? The singer certainly has the skills, as she shows off in a video posted on Instagram on Tuesday. Spears, 35, hit the gym Monday to work on her handstand walks, cartwheels and back handsprings. “Fun day […]

Wine and a Workout! Kate Hudson Lifts Rosé Bottles for Fun-ctional Fitness

[brightcove:5532333455001 default]   This article originally appeared on Who says wine and workouts don’t mix? Kate Hudson proved that you can include a little rosé in a workout by using two bottles as weights. The actress, 38, shared a video of the workout with her trainer, Nicole Stuart (who was busy sipping from her […]

Why Carrie Underwood Went from Working Out 6 Days a Week to Just 1 or 2: ‘That Just Kind of Has to Be Okay’

[brightcove:5476543769001 default] This article originally appeared on Only made it to the gym twice this week? Then you and Carrie Underwood have something in common. Though the superstar singer is known for her sculpted legs, she admitted Thursday that she isn’t working out as much as she used to. “I used to work out […]

30-Minute Barre Workout to Tone Up Your Thighs

[brightcove:4852579282001 default] This article originally appeared on A leaner, more toned physique isn’t the only incentive for building stronger thighs. Strengthening your muscles in front (quadriceps), back (hamstrings) and in between (adductors) is key to walking and running with ease, and jumping and squatting with power. Rock solid thighs will also provide a solid foundation […]

This Look-Better-Naked Workout From Tracy Anderson Will Give You Serious Body Confidence

[brightcove:4852509752001 default] The key to feeling amazing without a stitch on? Being comfortable in your frame. This slimming series does just that, upping your mind-body connection, getting you moving more dynamically, and fostering self-confidence (like all exercise!). Do 30 reps of each move in the series on one side, then repeat the sequence on the […]