Blogger Says She Was Stopped from Taking Photos in a Bikini Despite Getting Permission

A blogger says she was stopped from taking photos in a bikini at a Las Vegas hotel, despite previously getting permission from the staff. Anna O’Brien, who runs the blog Glitter + Lazers, says that she contacted the hotel where she was staying ahead of time to set up a photo shoot for her website. […]

10 Little Healthy Things You Should Do For Yourself Every Day

Let’s be real. Being healthy all the time sounds kinda time-consuming. Your life is busy enough. On the other hand, we all deserve to feel good, amirite? We went to the experts to get simple, actionable, everyday to-dos that will keep you feeling and looking energized, fabulous, and all-around healthier. 1. Find one small way […]

From Sunburns to Binge Drinking: Will Past Health Mistakes Haunt You?

Raise your hand if you once believed in getting a base tan. Or if you used to sneak cigs under the bleachers. Or yo-yo-dieted your way through your 20s. Really, who didn’t make some poor choices back in the day? But now that you’ve reformed your ways, you may worry about the long-term effects of […]

This 17-Year-Old Said She Was Told to Put Band-Aids on Her Nipples When She Went to School Without a Bra

Is going braless under a long-sleeve T-shirt offensive enough to get called out of class? The Bradenton, Florida school district seems to think so. That's where one 17-year-old student said she was body-shamed by school administrators after she arrived at Braden River High School without wearing a bra. RELATED: 9 Bra Myths You've Probably Believed Your […]

Anne Hathaway Reveals She’s Gaining Weight—and Preemptively Shuts Down Body Shamers

Anne Hathaway has a message for any future body shamers: don’t bother. The actress, 35, posted on Instagram that she’s purposefully gaining weight for a new movie role, and that any critics have no need to comment on how she looks. “I am gaining weight for a movie role and it is going well,” Hathaway captioned […]

Woman Dumps Body Shaming Boyfriend Who Says She Has a ‘Beer Gut’

After sharing a text conversation where her boyfriend encouraged her to lose weight from her “beer gut” on Twitter, one woman gained thousands of internet friends — and decided to dump her boyfriend, losing “a hefty 180 lbs.” in the process. Shelby Johnson, 23, shared their text exchange after her boyfriend said that she didn’t […]

This Teen Fired Back After Being Body-Shammed for Buying Cupcakes

If you’re looking for the perfect way to clap back at body-shamers, this teen showed everyone exactly how it’s done. Vega Blossom, 19, was standing in line at her favorite bakery when she overheard a woman behind her tell a friend, “Let’s hope this fat b*tch doesn’t buy all the cupcakes.” Um, WHAT? We all […]

How to Respond to Catcallers, Victim Blamers, and Demeaning Coworkers

Over the past year, accusations against men like film producer Harvey Weinstein and the horrifying behavior of former USA Gymnastics team doctor Larry Nassar have had an eye-opening effect on how we perceive sexual assault and harassment. Inspiring things started to happen, too—like the explosion of the #metoo movement. Hearing women share their stories solidified […]

I’ve Never Felt More Body Confident Than When I Put on This Swimsuit

I dread trying on bathing suits and the experience is only made worse by one thing: remembering how easy it was to pick out a cute bikini when I was younger. Oh, how I long for the days when the hardest decision I made was bandeau or triangle top. Nowadays, new swimsuit styles are constantly emerging, and since sizing differs from […]

Teens Are ‘Juuling’ At School. Here’s What That Means

The most popular product in the booming e-cigarette market doesn’t look like a cigarette at all. The Juul, a trendy vape that resembles a flash drive and can be charged in a laptop’s USB port, accounted for 33% of the e-cigarette market as of late 2017, according to Wells Fargo data. The product is made […]