Jazz Jennings Is ‘Absolutely Horrified’ She Might Not Be Able to Get Gender Confirmation Surgery

[brightcove:5668867571001 default] Jazz Jennings‘ lifelong dream of undergoing gender confirmation surgery may not be possible for the transgender teen. The 17-year-old TLC star and LGBTQ rights activist has been mentally readying to undergo the surgery, but now she’s been informed that she must also physically prepare — but it might take longer than she expected. […]

This Life Advice From a 27-Year-Old Before She Died of Cancer Is Going Viral

[brightcove:5641991915001 default] Last week, Holly Butcher, a 27-year-old from Grafton in the Australian state New South Wales, died of Ewing’s sarcoma, an extremely rare form of cancer that develops in the bones. One day prior, she took to Facebook to share a powerful post about the ways her life had changed since her diagnosis and what she had learned since. Butcher's candid, deeply […]

How to Survive Weekends When You’re Doing Dry January

[brightcove:5476832773001 default] Dry January has become a global trend. And we get why: After weeks of stress, parties, rich food, and (for many of us anyway) too much to drink, we all have an urge to hit some sort of reset button. There are health benefits to giving up alcohol too, even for social drinkers—no […]

A ‘Bomb Cyclone’ Forming off the East Coast Could Bring the Coldest Temperatures in 100 Years

[brightcove:5114185237001 default] As record cold temperatures paralyze much of the country, a “bomb cyclone” forming off the East Coast is threatening to douse the area from Northern Florida to New England in ice and snow. The weather event has the potential to make 2018 one of the worst winters in the U.S. yet, and it’s […]

These 5 Apps Can Help You Achieve Your New Year’s Resolution

[brightcove:5602965506001 default] It's New Year's resolution time, and you know how it goes: You stock up on new cookbooks, restart that gym membership, buy blackout shades so you can score quality sleep, and take other steps to prep you for making your healthy pledge happen. But before January is over, you drift back to your old ways. Instead […]

This Is The One Thing Meghan Markle Can’t Fly Without—And It’s Pretty Genius

[brightcove:5663272354001 default] Before Meghan Markle was engaged to the dapper red-headed royal, Prince Harry, she was an actress in the hit show, Suits; a lifestyle blogger with her site, The Tig; and a global ambassador for World Vision Canada and women’s advocate for the U.N. So, needless to say, she’s done her fair share of […]

Here’s Why I Don’t Want to See Your Before-and-After Photos in My Social Media Feed

[brightcove:5526693134001 default] From all the comments you see on before-and after-pics posted on social media, many people seem to find them applause-worthy and inspirational. I’m not one of them. As a person with a history of binge-eating disorder and the author of a book about young women’s messed up relationship with food and body size, […]

The Case for Skipping Parties and Making New Year’s Eve a Night of Self-Care

[brightcove:4802233878001 default] New Year's Eve is a time of festive celebration—of dressing up, hitting a dance floor or crowded bar, and counting down to midnight, all to the sounds of music blasting and champagne corks popping. It's about being with friends and loved ones, and waving good-bye to the old and welcoming in the new. Well, we're totally […]

These Best Friends Had a Photoshoot to Make an Important Point About Body Positivity

[brightcove:5526693134001 default] This article originally appeared on HelloGiggles.com There’s this sort of unspoken thing in our culture that seems to imply that best friends should somehow look alike, because people’s personalities are visible in how they look, right? Wrong! Who we are runs so much deeper than our looks, and these best friends had a […]