Woman Committed Suicide 4 Years After Doctor Allegedly Removed Her Ovaries Without Her Consent

A U.K. surgeon is under investigation after he allegedly removed a woman’s ovaries without her consent. The woman committed suicide four years later. Lucinda Methuen-Campbell, then 54, went to the private Spire Hospital in Bristol, England in 2014 for surgery to repair a bowel disorder. The surgeon, Anthony Dixon, allegedly decided to take out her […]

‘Toblerone Tunnels’ Are the Latest Disturbing Body Trend Taking Over Instagram

Following the “thigh gap” and “thighbrow“crazes comes the latest superficial body-conscious social media trend — and it’s ironically named after a brand of chocolate. With summer on the way, some Instagram users are flaunting a “Toblerone Tunnel,” a name that indicates a triangular-shaped space where the top of a woman’s thighs meet her bikini bottoms. […]

Amber Rose Opens Up About Her Breast Reduction: ‘I Was Scared That I Wouldn’t Feel Sexy Anymore’

When the size of Amber Rose’s breasts started to negatively impact her health and wellbeing, she decided to have them reduced — a decision she contemplated for nearly three years. “I was scared that I wouldn’t feel sexy anymore, but it got to the point where I literally was in pain,” Rose tells PEOPLE. “It was […]

Twitter Is Divided Over These Mental Illness-Themed Necklaces

The fight to end the stigma surrounding mental illnesses is an ongoing battle, and while we’ve definitely made progress, there’s still a long way to go. And there’s no one agreed-upon way to tackle the problem, either. In an effort to help normalize the dialogue surrounding mental health, one company has created a mental health-themed […]

This Fitness Instagrammer’s Side-By-Side Booty Pics Show That The Perfect Butt Is An Illusion

We all know we should take everything we see on social media with a grain of salt, but that can be hard when we’re constantly bombarded with images of “perfect” bodies. Luckily, many social media influencers have chosen to be transparent with their followers — like Louise Aubery, a fitness blogger located in Paris, France. The Instagrammer […]

Every Question You Were Afraid to Ask About Tapeworms, Answered

Parasites in general are a disturbing thought, but for some reason tapeworms are especially freaky—hence the Internet firestorm over NHL prospect Carson Meyer. For months, the 21-year-old was losing weight and feeling exhausted. Doctors couldn't figure out what was wrong with him, after 10 blood tests, including for mono. Finally, a 25-inch, orange tapeworm came […]

Bachelorette Alum Meredith Phillips Claims She Was Sexually Assaulted by Show’s Female Masseuse

Meredith Phillips, star of The Bachelorette‘s season 2, is claiming a female masseuse drugged and sexually assaulted her during production of the ABC show in late 2003. Phillips made the allegations for the first time in an episode of the Reality Steve podcast, which aired on Wednesday. PEOPLE has not independently corroborated Phillips’ claim and reps […]

This Woman Used to Hold Her Breath to Make Herself Look ‘Fitter’ on Instagram—Here’s Why She’s Not Doing That Anymore

As a fitness influencer, 20-year-old Mary Jelkovsky regularly posted social media images meant to inspire others. What her followers didn't know, however, is that she was actually lacking body confidence. Feeling pressure to look a certain way, she would pose and angle her body so she appeared fitter and thinner than she really was. Jelkovsky has come […]

What It Means If You Hear Laurel vs. Yanny, According to a Neuroscientist

Laurel versus Yanny is dividing the nation. It seems like we had barely settled down from the blue and black (or white and gold?) dress debacle, when YouTube star Cloe Feldman decided to publish a four-second video originally posted on Reddit by user RolandCamry. Within a couple days, the clip asking viewers whether they hear the word “Laurel” or […]

Why This Woman Quit Dieting—and Is Loving Her ‘Squishy Tummy’

Over the weekend, fitness influencer Adrienne Osuna posted a mirror selfie wearing a new pair of bikini bottoms. Nothing out of the ordinary about that. But instead of showing off taut, toned abs like other social stars, Osuna made what she called her “squishy tummy” the focus on the post. Here's what she had to say about it: 1. […]