Danielle Brooks on Lack of Diversity in Fashion: Ashley Graham ‘Isn’t the Only Plus-Size Model’

[brightcove:5603078603001 default] This article originally appeared on People.com. Danielle Brooks recognizes that the fashion industry is finally starting to accept curvy women — but she thinks they have a long way to go. The Orange is the New Black star applauds brands for embracing model Ashley Graham and putting her in high fashion magazines and […]

10 Wellness Trends You’re Going to See Everywhere in 2018, According to Pinterest

[brightcove:5532322486001 default] If the thought of living healthy in the new year makes your mind turn to treadmill workouts and broccoli recipes, then Pinterest’s top wellness trends for 2018 is for you. Encompassing healthy habits that benefit your mind, body, and soul, the just-released list has something for every Pinner—61% of whom say Pinterest is where they find ideas […]

“If You Ever Get That Fat, I’ll Leave You”: Real Women Share Their Experiences With Harassment on the “Wall of Shamed”

[brightcove:5614910445001 default] It's no secret that most women experience some form of sexism, verbal abuse, or harassment starting at a young age—and while more and more women are finding the courage to speak out, many others don't have a safe space to tell their stories. Suzie Blake, a 37-year-old artist from Melbourne, Australia, is hoping to change that. With her […]

Clothing Company Criticized for Product Shots of ‘Plus-Size’ Tights: ‘How Is This an Actual Ad’

[brightcove:5646469964001 default] Clothing company Wish is drawing criticism for using straight size models to sell their “plus-size” tights. Product shots on Wish.com show the models stretching out the tights with their arms, and bringing the fabric up to their face. On a listing for another pair of tights, the model has her entire body in […]

Mom Body Shamed By a Stranger at the Supermarket: ‘How Are People So Rude?’

[brightcove:5639788712001 default] This article originally appeared on People.com. An Ohio mom was shocked after a stranger body shamed her on a recent trip to the supermarket. Charli Stevens was shopping with her 5-month-old son when she noticed a woman staring. “I honestly thought she was going to tell me ‘Go Buckeyes’ as I was wearing […]

Why the Cropped Elbow on “Time’s” Person of the Year Cover is So Powerful

[brightcove:5614910445001 default] This article originally appeared on HelloGiggles.com. I woke up earlier than usual this morning to the familiar ping-ing of my phone. In my semi-asleep state, I wondered what was so important to warrant such an early wakeup call. It was Twitter, alerting me that Time had named its “Person of the Year.” I […]

If Thigh Gap and Hip Dip Weren’t Enough, Now Women Are Supposed to Worry About Having ‘Arm Vaginas’

[brightcove:5305635850001 default] I’m a woman with three vaginas. You probably are too. Let’s check: Go to a mirror, take off your top, and see if there is any skin where your inner arm meets your upper body. If there is—and there should be, because you are a human female—then you have “arm vagina.” We can […]

How to Tell If You’re an Empath—Plus 3 Self-Care Habits You Need If You Are

[brightcove:5377920560001 default] If you’ve ever felt happy for a newly promoted BFF or sad for a loved one who suffered a loss, you’ve been empathetic. But some people, called empaths, really feel those emotions. “Being empathetic is when your heart goes out to somebody when they feel joy or sadness,” explains Judith Orloff, MD, psychiatrist and author of […]

The Ladies of SNL Welcome You ‘to Hell’ with Anti-Sexual Harassment Music Video

[brightcove:5614910445001 default]     This article originally appeared on People.com.   In the past few months, a slew of powerful men — from Harvey Weinstein to Matt Lauer — have been outed as sexual predators. Though many may be shocked, the ladies of Saturday Night Live are here to tell you that this kind of bad behavior is nothing […]

Doctors Unsure if They Should Save Patient with ‘Do Not Resuscitate’ Tattoo

[brightcove:5554699428001 default] This article originally appeared on People.com. Emergency room doctors faced a confusing ethical dilemma when an unconscious man was wheeled into a University of Miami hospital with a “Do Not Resuscitate” tattoo. The 70-year-old man, who was inebriated when he arrived, had a history of lung and heart diseases. Unable to reach his […]