Whitney Way Thore Tells the Internet Trolls to Stay Away: ‘I Take No Stock in Your Opinion’

Whitney Way Thore is done with the cruel comments she gets on social media. The star of My Big Fat Fabulous Life enjoys sharing her life with her followers on Instagram and Twitter, but feels like the rude messages she gets invade the “home” she’s created. Thore, 33, said that she chooses not to read […]

7-Year-Old California Boy Lives with Incurable Rare Condition that Makes Sunlight Deadly

Almost through the entirety of her 7-year-old son’s life, Noelle Kei has safeguarded him from something that many take for granted: the sun. When Oliver was 18 months old and developing dark freckles over his face, he was diagnosed with xeroderma pigmentosum, a rare condition that causes ultraviolet light—emitted by the sun and many household bulbs—to irreparably damage […]

Why This Fitness Influencer Is Totally Fine With Her Weight Gain 

Most body transformation images show people who go from overweight or obese to thinner and fitter. But one fitness influencer has flipped that script, putting out a before-and-after swimsuit photo that shows how she gained weight. The best part? She's glad about it. RELATED: Here's What to Eat for Lunch if You're Trying to Slim Down, According to a Nutritionist On Wednesday, […]

Ashley Graham Clapped Back at an Instagram Troll Who Called Her a ‘Fat Model’

As a plus-size model and body positive activist, Ashley Graham is used to having critics—and for the most part, ignoring them. But Graham couldn't help but reply to an Instagram troll whose hate was off the charts. RELATED: Here's What It's Like to Try on a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit as a Size 12 Woman On Instagram, the troll posted […]

After Years of Fatigue and Muscle Weakness, I Found Out I Had a Rare Autoimmune Disease

I’ve always been healthy and fit, the kind of person who eats clean and goes to the gym on a regular basis. So when I had my first indication in my late 20s that something was off—I developed swollen lymph nodes in my armpits and on the side of my face—I wasn’t terribly alarmed. My doctor sent […]

This Fitness Blogger Grabbed Her Loose Skin to Show the Reality Behind Her Flexing Photos

Sia Cooper is a fitness trainer with nearly one million followers on Instagram—but she didn't attract them by having a perfect body. Much of her platform is dedicated to encouraging other women to rise above impossibly high beauty standards. She does this by showing her stretch marks and cellulite, and pointing out which of her photos have been retouched. […]

6 Things You Should Never Say to Someone Who Is Grieving

If you struggle to know what to say to someone who is grieving, you’re not alone. Death has a way of making even the most eloquent of us feel tongue-tied and unsure, and sometimes that results in our words sounding insensitive—exactly what you don’t want to happen when offering condolences. “The majority of people do […]

This Beauty Blogger Shared a Nude Selfie to Spread a Message About Eating Disorders

One beauty blogger is baring all, shedding her clothes and sharing her story about surviving years of disordered eating, triggered in part by being shamed for her size. London-based blogger Grace F Victory took to Instagram earlier this month and posted a naked mirror selfie. With a towel loosely draped over her, Victory opened up about having an eating […]

Blogger Says She Was Stopped from Taking Photos in a Bikini Despite Getting Permission

A blogger says she was stopped from taking photos in a bikini at a Las Vegas hotel, despite previously getting permission from the staff. Anna O’Brien, who runs the blog Glitter + Lazers, says that she contacted the hotel where she was staying ahead of time to set up a photo shoot for her website. […]

10 Little Healthy Things You Should Do For Yourself Every Day

Let’s be real. Being healthy all the time sounds kinda time-consuming. Your life is busy enough. On the other hand, we all deserve to feel good, amirite? We went to the experts to get simple, actionable, everyday to-dos that will keep you feeling and looking energized, fabulous, and all-around healthier. 1. Find one small way […]