Bats Are the Number-One Carriers of Disease

This article originally appeared on  Understanding where new viruses come from is critical for preventing them from rapidly spreading among humans. When it comes to preventing the next pandemic, a new study suggests that bats may be public enemy number one. In a new study published in the journal Nature, researchers at the nonprofit […]

Why Your Bad Memory Isn’t Such a Bad Thing, According to Science

You know those people who always boast about having a perfect memory? Maybe they shouldn't, because having total recall is totally overrated. That's according to a new paper in the journal Neuron, which concludes that forgetting things is not just normal, it actually makes us smarter. In the new report, researchers Paul Frankland and Blake Richards of the University of Toronto propose that […]

We Want You!—Here’s How to Become a Contributor

At, our goal is to deliver up-to-the-minute news on all the latest trends in the wellness world—and we want your help. We're looking for writers to join our new contributor network. As a contributor, you'll receive story pitches from our editors straight to your inbox, your byline will appear on, and you […]

50 Ways to Use All of Your Vacation Days This Year

This article originally appeared on   America has a vacation problem. Or a not-taking-vacation problem, to be more precise. Last year, 54 percent of U.S. workers left an astounding 662 million vacation days unused, according to The State of American Vacation study from Project: Time Off. The reason why all of those days were […]

Why Do I Hate the Sound of My Own Voice?

This article originally appeared on  Have you ever recoiled at the sound of your own voicemail greeting, startled by what should be the most familiar of voices—your own? If so, then you’re not alone. It’s common to dislike the way your voice sounds in recordings, experts say. Here’s why. You hear your own voice […]

U.S. College Student Released From North Korea Has ‘Extensive Loss of Brain Tissue’ and ‘No Signs of Understanding Language,’ Say Doctors

This article originally appeared on The 22-year-old college student who was released from imprisonment in North Korea in a coma likely suffered from cardiopulmonary arrest, which resulted in “extensive loss of brain tissue,” according to his doctors at the University of Cincinnati Health, who added that he shows “no signs of understanding language.” In a press […]

Cases of Legionnaires’ Disease Are Occurring Across the U.S. What Is It, and Are You at Risk?

You've probably been seeing an increase in Legionnaires' disease coverage in the news lately. Legionnaires' was blamed for the illnesses of four L.A. Fitness gym members in Florida late last month, and a New York City police officer is currently in the hospital recovering from Legionnaires' as well. (Fellow cops were warned not to shower at a precinct in East Harlem, where traces of the […]

The Surprising Upside to Having a Frenemy

They're two of the biggest pop stars in the world, racking up armfuls of awards and selling out arenas for the past decade. But the rumors of bad blood between Katy Perry and Taylor Swift are legendary. Their rivalry apparently took a new turn, with Swift announcing late last week that her music is back on Spotify at the exact […]

This Woman’s Super-Fit Husband Helped Her Learn to Love Her Shape: He Has Loved ‘Every Roll and Every Stretch Mark’

[brightcove:5305635850001 default] This article originally appeared on  Jasmine “Jazzy” Owens has only recently accepted her body, but she says her super-fit husband has loved it for a long time. “Over the years this man has loved every curve, every roll and every stretch mark on my body,” the body positive advocate, 25, posted on […]

The FDA Wants This Opioid Drug Pulled From the Market

This article originally appeared on  The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requested on Thursday that the drug Opana ER be pulled from the market — the first time the agency has taken steps to remove a currently prescribed opioid pain medication from the market because of its potential for abuse. The request, at […]