The Ladies of SNL Welcome You ‘to Hell’ with Anti-Sexual Harassment Music Video

[brightcove:5614910445001 default]     This article originally appeared on   In the past few months, a slew of powerful men — from Harvey Weinstein to Matt Lauer — have been outed as sexual predators. Though many may be shocked, the ladies of Saturday Night Live are here to tell you that this kind of bad behavior is nothing […]

Doctors Unsure if They Should Save Patient with ‘Do Not Resuscitate’ Tattoo

[brightcove:5554699428001 default] This article originally appeared on Emergency room doctors faced a confusing ethical dilemma when an unconscious man was wheeled into a University of Miami hospital with a “Do Not Resuscitate” tattoo. The 70-year-old man, who was inebriated when he arrived, had a history of lung and heart diseases. Unable to reach his […]

When to See December’s Cold Moon, Which Is Also a Supermoon

This article originally appeared on Have you ever seen a Supermoon rise above the eastern horizon at dusk? It's one of the most spectacular natural wonders of all, and it will happen for the only time in 2017 at dusk on Sunday, December 3. When our natural satellite rises fully illuminated in December it's […]

Why This Blogger Says Becoming Fat Saved Her Life

[brightcove:5617674964001 default] She triumphed over body dysmorphia and realized that being fit and happy has nothing to do with what the scale says. Still, Danica Marjanovic constantly heard from people that she was healthier when she was a size 10 rather than the size 16 she wears today. Fed up, the body positive activist is clapping back at critics who believe that […]

Man Who Inspired ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Dies at Age 46

This article originally appeared on Anthony Senerchia Jr., who was an inspiration for the viral ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, died on Saturday at the age of 46, ending a 14-year battle with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. “He worked tirelessly to raise awareness for ALS and was directly responsible for the world-renowned Ice bucket challenge,” his […]

4 Signs You Should See Another Doctor for a Second Opinion

[brightcove:5476567384001 default] You leave your doctor’s office with a gnawing doubt. She’s the one with the MD, of course. But something’s not right. Should you get a second opinion? Yes, say experts, and don’t think twice. A fresh perspective can make all the difference for your health. Here, a few good reasons to schedule another […]

This Model Has Embraced Her Belly Rolls in the Most Playful Way

[brightcove:5305635850001 default] Who says belly rolls are something to cover up? Certainly not KhrystyAna. The model recently took to Instagram, where she has over 70,000 followers, to make a powerful statement about body positivity. Last week, KhrystyAna posted a photo that embraced her stomach rolls—with a twist on the Chamillionaire song "Ridin' Dirty". The model changed […]

Empowering ‘Don’t Label Me’ Project Helps Women Stand Up to Body Shaming

[brightcove:5639788712001 default] This article originally appeared on A group of women created a powerful photo series that has them literally crossing out the names they’ve been called — with a bit of glitter. Abigail Spencer and Meg Bishop of Salt and Light Photography in Grants Pass, Oregon organized the “Don’t Label Me” project to help women […]