This Influencer Posed in Her Bra and Leggings to Prove That Social Media Doesn’t Tell the Whole Story

Ever scroll through images of your favorite bloggers and wonder how they can look so perfect, or why they always seem so happy? Well it’s time for a reality check, courtesy of fitness influencer Nina Zeiler. In a recent Instagram post, Zeiler reminds us that behind those seemingly flawless photos are normal human beings with their own insecurities. RELATED: […]

Here’s What a Doctor Really Thinks About Those Mail-In Genetic Tests

In my opinion, these tests are completely fine for those who are curious about their ancestry or their genetic makeup in general. But many of them have an option for more health-related results, and I wouldn’t advise people to make any major medical decisions based on what they say. Here’s the reason: These tests may […]

8 Inspiring Quotes That Will Make You Feel More Grateful

Between work, our social lives, and basic day-to-day responsibilities, it’s easy to lose sight of the wonderful people, places, and things right in front of us. We’ll say it—we’re not always as grateful as we should be. That’s what Kristi Nelson, executive director at the nonprofit A Network for Grateful Living, thought when she helped […]

4 Surprising Things Your Nose Can Tell You About Your Health

No one appreciates their sense of smell when they pass a trash heap or accidentally step in dog poop. But your nose knows a lot—not just when things stink. In fact, your ability to smell, or not, can tell you a lot about your health. Here, why you shouldn’t take your whiffing powers for granted. […]

Iskra Lawrence Just Posted the Same Photo Before and After FaceTune: ‘The Real You Is Good Enough’

It’s not news that many of the so-called “real” images you see on social media don't embody people's truths. Yet, that doesn’t stop us from comparing our bodies (size, skin, hair, you name it) and our lives to people on Instagram, which can send us down a pretty dark rabbit hole. Luckily, model and fitness influencer Iskra […]

Suicide Attempt Survivor Shares Her Story One Year After Face Transplant Surgery

Katie Stubblefield, the youngest American to undergo a face transplant, has a new lease on life. Stubblefield’s journey is the subject of the cover story of National Geographic‘s September issue, “The Story of a Face,” and a National Geographic documentary. In 2014, Stubblefield, then 18, attempted suicide after watching her mother Alesia lose her job; finding text […]

This May Be the Secret to Feeling Younger and Living Longer

Studies suggest that feeling younger may actually help you live to be older. Now, new research points to a way to keep that youthful state of mind, at least for elderly adults: feel in control. “On days when you felt above your average control perceptions — you felt more controlled for you — you tended […]

Trying to Be Happy Is Making You Miserable. Here’s Why

The Declaration of Independence guaranteed Americans the right to pursue happiness, and we haven’t stopped looking for it since. But despite the college courses, research labs and countless self-help books dedicated to that search, only 33% of Americans actually said they were happy in a 2017 survey. A new paper may help explain why: We’re […]

My Day Job as a Fitness Trainer Helped Me Build Confidence as an Artist

This story is part of Health’s #RealLifeStrong series, where we are celebrating women who represent strength, resilience, and grace. On the streets of industrial Brooklyn, it's not unusual to see construction workers wielding blowtorches. But refreshingly, behind one of those welder's masks is painter-sculptor Kennedy Yanko. Seven years ago, Yanko was living in the dressing room of a basement apartment and […]