10 Self-Care Moves You Can Do at Your Desk

[brightcove:5624850626001 default] Self care is all about taking care of your mind and body, so you feel less stress and more joy. Considering the hectic pace of the work world, most of us could benefit from more self-care during the workday—to crank up productivity, form stronger relationships with coworkers, and ace performance, says psychotherapist Suzie DeVaughn, […]

“This Is Us” Finally Revealed What Causes Jack’s Death, and I Am SCREAMING

BATTERIES! That’s what I found myself screaming at my television at the end of the latest This Is Us episode, “Clooney” — and be warned, spoilers ahead. The episode is not, in fact, about George Clooney, nor about the late William’s cat, Clooney. Rather, the episode is about a trip to the mall where Rebecca […]

Simone Biles Revealed She Was Also Molested By Dr. Larry Nassar in an Open Letter on Twitter

[brightcove:5644281469001 default] Olympic champion Simone Biles is the latest gymnast to come forward and share that she was molested by Team USA doctor Larry Nassar. Biles, 20, opened up about her experience in an open letter on Monday, January 15th. She shared the note on Twitter, captioning it “Feelings…” and “#MeToo.” “Most of you know […]

Exactly What to Do if Your New Year’s Resolution Is Already Slipping

[brightcove:5599148081001 default] With each new year comes a new opportunity to better ourselves. We vow to kick our sugar addictions, call our parents more, and check Facebook less. Yet within weeks, most of us are back to snacking, screening parental calls, and mindlessly scrolling through our newsfeeds. But before you become one more person observing Ditch Your New […]

I Got Run Over by a Truck—Literally. Here’s What I Learned From Almost Dying

[brightcove:5689764137001 default] My parents always told me it wasn’t a good idea to brag about something unless I was really exceptional at it. The advice kept me humble and grounded, and it's been the way I've lived my life ever since. So when I say I this, I hope you'll believe me: I am an […]

Man Declared Dead by Three Doctors Wakes Up Hours Before Autopsy in Spain

In Spain, a prisoner literally woke up from his death bed. Gonzalo Montoya Jiménez, 29, was declared dead by three different doctors, but woke up hours before his scheduled autopsy, several news outlets report. The convict, who was serving time for robbery according to one report, was on the morgue table covered in scalpel lines in […]

5 Mental Tricks to Feeling Amazing, Even if You Miss a Few Workouts

[brightcove:5603078603001 default] Your plan was to relaunch your regular gym and clean eating regimen on January 1. More than a week into the new year, that's mostly fallen by the wayside. Logically, you know that your self-worth doesn't rely on perfect attendance at SoulCycle. So why do so many of us drop into a shame spiral when we skip a few […]

You Asked: Do I Really Need an Annual Physical?

[brightcove:5616499915001 default] A yearly check-in with a doctor seems undeniably prudent. He or she can listen to your heart, check your blood pressure and help you nip any looming health issues in the bud. But while annual well visits are a familiar part of the health care system, a growing pile of evidence finds that […]

Jazz Jennings Is ‘Absolutely Horrified’ She Might Not Be Able to Get Gender Confirmation Surgery

[brightcove:5668867571001 default] Jazz Jennings‘ lifelong dream of undergoing gender confirmation surgery may not be possible for the transgender teen. The 17-year-old TLC star and LGBTQ rights activist has been mentally readying to undergo the surgery, but now she’s been informed that she must also physically prepare — but it might take longer than she expected. […]