These 8 Women With PCOS Are Embracing Their Beards and Body Hair

Polycystic ovary syndrome, or PCOS, is a hormonal imbalance that affects 10% of women of childbearing age and usually starts after puberty. Women with PCOS have higher levels of androgens, or male hormones, and many experience hirsutism, or abnormal hair growth that follows a male pattern. RELATED: How to Lose Weight if You Have PCOS […]

A Makeup Artist’s False Eyelash Hack is Going Viral Because It Makes Your Cheap $1 Falsies Look Like $20 Ones

This article originally appeared on HelloGiggles. If you’re someone who prefers to use cheap false eyelashes (hey, it adds up!), you’re in luck. Makeup artist Paloma Garcia just shared an incredible falsie hack that will make your $1 false eyelashes look like $20 high-end ones. The eyelash game has been strong the past few years, thanks to celebs like […]

Khloe Kardashian Swears By This $11 Belly Butter to Prevent Stretch Marks

Unless you've been living under a rock, you know that the youngest of the OG Kardashian sisters is expecting a baby girl soon. In preparation for her bundle of joy, Khloe has looked to her older sisters for guidance on what to expect and what she'll need for motherhood—and she's teaming up with Amazon to launch a […]

Cate Blanchett and Sandra Bullock Once Got ‘Penis Facials’ Together: Here’s Exactly What That Means

There are weird beauty treatments, and then there are weird beauty treatments. Kim Kardashian has subjected herself to the pain of a vampire facial and Gwyneth Paltrow visits her dermatologist regularly for bee-sting facials. But Cate Blanchett just opened up about one of the most-out there skincare treatments gaining popularity in Hollywood: something she calls the […]

Reese Witherspoon’s Daughter Just Debuted The Most Adorable Bob—And Now She Looks Even More Like Mom

We just love a mother-daughter duo, and there’s something about Reese and daughter Ava Phillippe that pulls at our heartstrings. Maybe it’s their love of Southern traditions (Ava recently made her debut, in case you missed it) or their tight-knit bond; whatever it is, by golly, those two sure do make us want to pick […]

Women Say This Hair Product Has Caused Bald Patches and Open Sores 

Hair loss and other hair damage are the last things you expect to happen after using a shampoo. But several women are blaming hair loss, hair thinning, and scalp damage on Monat hair care products, according to a report by Las Vegas station KTNV.  Heather Fox, Amber Alabaster, and Amber Thomas were named by KTNV as three of the customers who have […]

The Gorgeous Nail Polish Shade You’ll See Everywhere This Month

This article originally appeared on Your alternative to wearing head-to-toe green and shamrocks all-over but still dressing for the holiday? It's as simple as a bottle of nail polish. Switch out your glossy black manicure for St. Patrick's Day nails instead. Save yourself some time and skip the attempts at drawing on a mini rainbow arch and opt […]

I Tried Kim Kardashian’s Trick for Making Dark Under Eye Circles Disappear

It's rare to see celebrities looking less-than-perfect these days, so I love that Kim Kardashian often shares makeup-free selfies on Snapchat. And when I realized that—like me!—Kardashian has dark under eye circles, it was a bit of a relief, and proof that even A-listers with all the fanciest creams and treatments sometimes still struggle with this […]

This $12 Drugstore Hair Treatment Can Restore a Year’s Worth of Damage

When you're dealing with extremely damaged hair—dry, brittle strands that snap in half the minute they come in contact with a hairbrush—it seems like the easiest solution is just shaving your head and starting from scratch. Sure, that'll do it, but the buzz cut isn't for everyone, and luckily, you have options. One of which […]

Ribbon Highlights Are The Latest Hair Trend We’re Obsessed With

This article originally appeared on Southern Living.  Take a guess at what ribbon highlights look like– and you’d probably be right. They’re cascading ribbons of hair that are highlighted in a different color than the base color. Because the highlights are gently painted on, they still blend well with the natural color, so don’t worry—chunky, starkly […]