This Multitasking Glow Tonic Gave Me Brighter, Clearer Skin

[brightcove:5449649797001 default] I’ve always been the girl who had an elaborate skincare regimen. From toner to serum to sheet masks, my medicine cabinet is stuffed with skincare products, all of which were at one point essential in my nighttime routine. But now that I have a longer commute, I’ve been trying to maximize my shut-eye and spend less time […]

This Spray Helps My Wavy Hair Stay Straight All Day

[brightcove:4821494210001 default] This article originally appeared on Even though we're past the hottest days of summer, we still have awhile before those cooler winter temperatures start creeping in, bringing with them good hair days to those of us who tend to fight a losing battle with humidity the rest of the year. Before drying […]

Kim Kardashian Shows Off Her Extreme Contour and Love of Spandex Shorts

[brightcove:5366143284001 default] This article originally appeared on As the woman who single-handedly brought the face-sculpting art form also known as contouring to the masses, it should go without saying that Kim Kardashian West is something of a pro. While of course she has the help of her trusty makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic to make […]

The Surprising Hairstyle That’s Making a Comeback This Fall

[brightcove:5536614984001 default] This article originally appeared on As a woman of the millennial generation, I cannot relate to perms personally. What I do know about them is what pop culture tells me. The voluminous look ran the ‘80s—the bigger, the better—and it was a win for celebrities like Olivia Newton John, Julia Roberts, and […]

This Natural Brow Growth Serum Stepped Up My Brow Game in Just 2 Months

[brightcove:4885662898001 default] If there was an eyebrow scale that ranged from "stunning" to "seriously sparse," Cara Delevingne and I would be on opposite ends of the spectrum. Ever since overplucking my brows to the point of no return a few years ago, my morning routine has involved painstakingly penciling in the shapely brows I wish I had. […]