This Natural Brow Growth Serum Stepped Up My Brow Game in Just 2 Months

[brightcove:4885662898001 default] If there was an eyebrow scale that ranged from "stunning" to "seriously sparse," Cara Delevingne and I would be on opposite ends of the spectrum. Ever since overplucking my brows to the point of no return a few years ago, my morning routine has involved painstakingly penciling in the shapely brows I wish I had. […]

Can a Meal Kit Service Help You Lose Weight? Here’s What a Nutritionist Really Thinks

[brightcove:5479177955001 default] There are more than 100 meal kit options on the market, including Blue Apron, Green Chef, HelloFresh, and Plated, just to name a few. Some of my clients who are looking to shed pounds have asked a key question—can a meal plan help me lose weight? The reality is that these kits are […]

Britney Spears Shares Another Intense Workout Routine—and Her Pump-Up Jam

[brightcove:5456565844001 default] This article originally appeared on Britney Spears is always documenting her sweat sessions on social media, but a workout is nothing without the perfect playlist. The pop star, 35, shared a montage of an outdoor arm workout combined with some exercises on a yoga mat in the gym to Instagram on Sunday. The […]

5 Ways Being Tall Affects Your Health

[brightcove:5439635497001 default] This article originally appeared on Being tall might get you a spot on the basketball team, and it may even be good for your self-esteem and your paycheck. But recent research has also found that towering over your peers may affect various aspects of your physical health, as well—and not all for […]

How Much Does It Really Cost to Run a Marathon?

[brightcove:5557865222001 default] Thinking about running a 26.2? You've probably budgeted how much time you'll need to train. But you might be wondering just how much money a marathon will cost you. To help you plan for the big race, we've broken down the expenses—everything from entry fees and sneakers (you'll likely need two pairs) to recovery massages and Gu. Here's how […]

What Is High-Protein Bread—and Should You Try It?

[brightcove:5493400366001 default] You may have seen pics of high-protein bread (or bagels, waffles, or tortillas) popping up on Instagram lately. High-protein baked goods are really taking off, as the popularity of protein-packed everything (from snack chips to coffee creamer!) reaches a fever pitch. But what is high-protein bread exactly—and should you be adding it to your shopping cart? Here […]

Khloé Kardashian Reveals the ‘Sooo Easy’ 3-Ingredient Breakfasts She Eats to Fuel Her Workouts

[brightcove:5484727669001 default] This article originally appeared on Khloé Kardashian is all about simplifying her mornings. In a new post on her website, the reality star—who often documents her efforts in the gym with her sister Kourtney on Snapchat—says she likes to start her day with dishes that are “quick and easy, yet packed with […]