Priyanka Chopra’s ‘Plank Attack’ Move Will Tone Your Glutes and Core at Once

With all the butt-kicking Priyanka Chopra does on ABC’s Quantico, it seems only right to highlight her, um, assets. After all, those glutes are the foundation for the running, jumping, and kicking the actress does on set. A move that can help amp up your backside: the Plank Attack. "It forces you to engage your […]

What It Means If You Hear Laurel vs. Yanny, According to a Neuroscientist

Laurel versus Yanny is dividing the nation. It seems like we had barely settled down from the blue and black (or white and gold?) dress debacle, when YouTube star Cloe Feldman decided to publish a four-second video originally posted on Reddit by user RolandCamry. Within a couple days, the clip asking viewers whether they hear the word “Laurel” or […]

This $8 Mascara Makes Everyone Think I Have Lash Extensions

Whenever I see someone with super long, thick, dark eyelashes, I assume that they have lash extensions. Though extensions are a foolproof way to get the lashes of your dreams without growth serums or falsies, they're not exactly low maintenance. Eliminating oil-based makeup removers, not rubbing your eyes, and not getting the lashes too wet […]

This Push-Up Challenge Will Make You So Much Stronger

Build Your Foundation Nailing perfect push-up form is deceptively tough. “I always see people doing pushups incorrectly, which can make the exercise feel harder and lead to injury,” says Joel Seedman, PhD, owner of Advanced Human Performance in Atlanta. So before attempting the move full out, use these beginner exercises to practice proper positioning and […]

You’ll Totally Love Tracy Anderson’s New 80s-Inspired Fitness Line

While you may know Tracy Anderson as the pint-sized trainer that helps keep A-listers, including Jennifer Lopez, Tracee Ellis Ross, and Lena Dunham, in camera-ready shape, the truth is the 43-year-old, who is a contributing fitness editor for Health, has a growing fitness empire. Her latest entrepreneurial endeavor: a line of workout clothes in collaboration […]

How This Woman Gained 22 Pounds but Stayed the Exact Same Clothing Size

Age, weight, clothing size…it’s all just a number. Fitness influencer Victoria Winterford proved as much in her latest transformation post, which revealed that she gained weight but didn’t change her size. Both images show her in a black bikini, but there’s a difference of 22 pounds (or 10 kilograms). The one constant? Her size 8 frame. “How??” […]

The 7 Best Ab Exercises That Are All Over Pinterest

Temperatures are rising, and it’s about time to break out the bathing suit. And while achieving a so-called perfect bikini body has never been our goal, we're always up for ways to feel stronger. With this in mind, we've rounded up seven of the best ab routine charts for building a more muscular core. If you want a […]

Is It Actually Harder to Lose Weight When You’re Short?

Losing weight is hard. But it's harder for some people more so than others due to a variety of factors: age, activity level, hormones, starting weight, sleep patterns, and yes—height. (FYI, here's why sleep is the number-one most important thing for a better body.) You've probably heard that it's more difficult for people who are shorter to […]

The Things You Really Should Be Counting Instead of Calories

Calorie counting is the go-to weight loss method for many. Yet, calories aren’t a great indicator of healthfulness, and many suggest they shouldn’t be your main eating focus. The debate surrounding calories stems from the fact that calories really aren’t equal. To illustrate, compare 100 calories of soda to 100 calories of quinoa—same calories, yet […]