The Pegan Diet Combines Two Trendy Diets—So Is It Twice as Healthy?

Cleveland Clinic doctor and bestselling author Mark Hyman, MD, appeared on CBS News earlier this week championing an eating pattern he calls the “pegan diet.” And although this sounds like it could be a diet based in religion or witchcraft, it’s really just a combination of two already well-known lifestyles: paleo and vegan. On the […]

Women Say This Hair Product Has Caused Bald Patches and Open Sores 

Hair loss and other hair damage are the last things you expect to happen after using a shampoo. But several women are blaming hair loss, hair thinning, and scalp damage on Monat hair care products, according to a report by Las Vegas station KTNV.  Heather Fox, Amber Alabaster, and Amber Thomas were named by KTNV as three of the customers who have […]

Your Totally Manageable, 10-Step Guide to Doing a Digital Detox

From watches that ping when you’ve got a new text to the Instagram feeds you can’t stop scrolling through all the freakin’ time, there’s no denying that we’re more plugged in than ever before. Sure, this level of connectedness has benefits—it’s simple to stay in touch with friends and family; you can express yourself on […]

The Gorgeous Nail Polish Shade You’ll See Everywhere This Month

This article originally appeared on Your alternative to wearing head-to-toe green and shamrocks all-over but still dressing for the holiday? It's as simple as a bottle of nail polish. Switch out your glossy black manicure for St. Patrick's Day nails instead. Save yourself some time and skip the attempts at drawing on a mini rainbow arch and opt […]

I Tried Kim Kardashian’s Trick for Making Dark Under Eye Circles Disappear

It's rare to see celebrities looking less-than-perfect these days, so I love that Kim Kardashian often shares makeup-free selfies on Snapchat. And when I realized that—like me!—Kardashian has dark under eye circles, it was a bit of a relief, and proof that even A-listers with all the fanciest creams and treatments sometimes still struggle with this […]

Demi Lovato Slams ‘Diet Culture’ and Tells Fans They’re ‘Beautiful No Matter What Anyone Says’

Demi Lovato wants her fans to know that they’re “beautiful,” regardless of what society tells them. The singer, 25, tweeted a body-positive message to her fans while slamming modern culture’s obsession with dieting. “It’s so frustrating and sad how strong the #dietculture in our society is,” Lovato wrote. “It’s constantly telling us we’re not thin […]

Keto vs. Atkins: Which Is the Better Low-Carb Diet?

If the premise behind the ketogenic diet—a low-carb, high-fat, moderate-protein plan—sounds familiar, you’re not alone. Curious folks around the Internet have been asking: What’s the difference between the keto diet and the Atkins diet? At their most basic, they're both low-carb diets. But they're not exactly the same. The biggest difference between the keto diet and the Atkins plan […]