African Beauty Brands: afro-specific skincare and haircare

Therefore, all the beauty products developed by the African Beauty Brands laboratories are specifically dedicated, adapted and efficient to perfectly meet their demanding beauty needs.

To be the world leader in afro-specific hair care means all our energy is focused on delivering state of the art hair care technologies.

And to achieve this, the Advanced Research of our unique dedicated team of scientists and biologists based in South Africa have developed extensive knowledge in collaboration with African hair stylists & dermatologists. Making us the experts of consumers of African descent on a worldwide scale.

International brands such as Dark and Lovely and Magic, or local brands such as Optimum, Nice & Lovely, Restore Plus and Blue Ice are all part of the African Beauty Brands portfolio.

Pioneer on its market, African Beauty Brands is responsible for several major innovations:

• √ 1901: Magic Shaving Powder was the first men’s depilatory brand

• √ 1972: Dark and Lovely launched the permanent liquid hair color designed for the demanding hair of African American women

• √ 1978: Dark and Lovely launched the first no-lye relaxer kit to relax hair at home with no risk of scalp irritation

• √ 1993: Dark and Lovely Beautiful Beginnings: the first relaxer specially designed for the sensitive scalp of girls

• √ 2012: Dark and Lovely Color Intensity: the first hair color cream tailor-made for African hair

African Beauty Brands: beauty without compromise.

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