How Hanging Out With Slimmer Pals May Help You Lose Weight

People who want to lose weight are more likely to spend time with others whose body mass is similar to their own, says a study published last month in the journal Obesity. But they might have more success dropping pounds by including thinner people in their social networks, as well. That’s what researchers found when […]

People Become Less Selfish After Age 45, Study Says

Altruistic tendencies—like being truly happy for others and feeling good about giving money away—are stronger in the second half of life, according to a new study that used questionnaires, brain scans, and real-life scenarios to determine people’s motivations behind certain behaviors. After age 45, researchers found, people tend to give away more money and score higher on […]

5 Ways to Upgrade Basic Crunches

What’s so bad about basic crunches? “They don’t challenge your deep core muscles, which provide support for a body in motion,” explains celebrity trainer Kira Stokes, creator of The Stoked Method. Here, five nontraditional moves from Stokes to build a better core. C-Curve Hold With Pulses This move works the entire rectus abdominis, giving you […]

Rise of wellness: the ‘clean beauty’ trend

Linked closely with the rise of the clean eating trend, clean beauty is quietly becoming something of craze. In this newsletter special, we review our archives to follow its rise, and consider where the category could be heading. from CosmeticsDesign-Europe RSS

7 Inspiring Katie Ledecky Quotes From the 2016 Olympics

Swimmer Katie Ledecky famously credits her success to hard work and perseverance; but the 19-year-old athlete’s upbeat, carefree attitude also reminds us not to take life too seriously. As a five-time Olympic gold medalist, nine-time world champion, and the current world-record holder for the women’s 400-meter and 800-meter freestyle, Ledecky has clearly found a winning balance. Here are just […]

Toxic Coworkers? Rude Behavior Is Contagious, Study Says

When we’re on the receiving end of condescending or curt remarks at work, we may think we can brush them off. After all, they’re not as openly hostile as threats or outright bullying. But a new study shows that subtle incivility in the workplace can deplete employees’ mental resources—and makes us more likely to act […]

Top social media sites for beauty industry in Germany

Instagram and Twitter are the top social media sites driving consumer engagement ecommerce in Germany, a recent report has revealed, with many brands missing out on the potential these platforms can hold. from CosmeticsDesign-Europe RSS

‘Consumers are becoming savvy’: what’s driving clean beauty

With clean beauty a blossoming segment in the industry, taking its lead from the naturals and organics trend along with rising consumer demand for personalised product offerings and ethical companies, we sat down with a brand founder to find out more. from CosmeticsDesign-Europe RSS

On-demand beauty: beauty marketplace acquisition confirms UK enthusiasm

The rise of apps and websites linking consumers with beauty services has been on the rise globally in the past few years: a recent London acquisition suggests the UK market is no exception to the trend. from CosmeticsDesign-Europe RSS